Member Group Free Member Charge Member Vip Member
Charging mode Free Annual pay Annual pay
Member Shop Has identification
Store independent three level domain name
Custom company template The default template
Business opportunity subscription
(Email notification email)
Inbox Capacity 10 500 1000
Daily Fat Station Letters 5 100 No limit
Company Album Photos 5 No limit No limit
Store Promotion
Information modification
LOGO show
main products
Own company home page three domain name
Mobile phone shop
product information Keywords rankinge 0 1 3
Allow release of product information
Product batch release
Information priority ranking
Recommend products home page
Product information quantity 20 No limit No limit
Product Inquiry times 5 No limit No limit
Demand information Demand information release
Purchasing information matching Priority Priority
Buying details view
Buying Inquiry daily times 3 15 No limit
Daily times quoted Inquiry 3 15 No limit
Total quotation number 20 No limit No limit
Total demand information quantity 30 No limit No limit
others Offline media support
(The exhibition 、propagate )
Quality buyers recommend
Offline storage cooperation
customer service
Product Data Analysis
PC, mobile terminal access support