1. The Agreement content and the suitable objects

This service agreement’s both sides arethe operation manager of CHEMMERCE (CHEMMERCE.com) - Chemmerce information technology co., LTD. -, and the registered user of the CHEMMERCE.com platform (including the structure compound data center, search engines and trading platform). This service agreement on the terms and conditions apply to registered users to use various tools and services of CHEMMERCE.com. When you confirm the service agreement, this service agreement is between you and your company and CHEMMERCE to produce legally binding.

(1) Whether you actually read the service agreementbefore registration or not, as long as you following the CHEMMERCE platform registration process to register as a user, your behavior still said you and your company agreed to and signed the service agreement;

(2) This agreement does not apply for the legal relationship and legal disputes between you and your company and other users of CHEMMERCE platform for online transactions;

So please be sure to read the full content service agreement, if you have any doubt, you can consult CHEMMERCE customer service center.

This service agreement covers the body of this agreement and all kinds of rules that already published or have possibility to issue by the publicin the future. All public rules for agreement is an integral part of the agreement, have the same legal effect as the body part.

CHEMMERCE have the right to formulate, modify this agreement or all kinds of rulesfrom time to time according to need. If any changes in this agreement, CHEMMERCE will publish on the website to inform the registered users. If registered users do not agree with related change, they must stop using this "service". The revised agreement once published online, it will automatically take effect immediately. All kinds of rules will take effect after release, and also become a part of this agreement. Login or continue using this "service" said registered users to accept the revised agreement and rules. Except otherwise expressly disclaims, any new contentspread out the area of "service" or website enhancements shall be bound by this agreement.

2. Definition of CHEMMERCE Registered Users

Registered users refers to the user following CHEMMERCE register rules to register as a user, and want to use CHEMMERCE platform service(including the structure of compound data center, search engines and trading platform). (Information about the specific registration procedure, please check the "help").

3. The rights, obligations and responsibilities of CHEMMERCE registered user

(1) Based on the importance of the the web service provided by CHEMMERCE platform, theregistered users shall agree:

(a) Provide detailed and accurate personal data.

(b) Update registration information constantly, meet the requirements of timely, detailed and accurate.

CHEMMERCE do not open the users’ name, phone number, address, email and other personal information, in addition to the following:

(a) Registered authorize CHEMMERCE disclose this information.

(b) The corresponding law and procedures require CHEMMERCE to provide registered users’ personal information.

If the registered user providedinformation contains false or inaccurate message, CHEMMERCE will retain the right to terminate user access to network services.

(2) Registered users may not use the CHEMMERCE platform to buying or selling the products that Chinese law prohibits or limits their sales. At the same time registered users should abide by the provisions of the CHEMMERCE platform, and may not sell the products CHEMMERCE think inappropriate to sale in our website. Registered users provide any information (including but not limited todata, text, software, music, photos, pictures, videos or other material)to CHEMMERCE or other users shall ensure that the information provided does not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests, will not violate any laws, regulations, rules or regulations and take full responsibility for it. If CHEMMERCE found registered users provide information or the information displayed on the CHEMMERCE may make CHEMMERCE assume any legal or moral obligation, and criterion, CHEMMERCE can decide take whatever action is necessary or appropriate to the information (including but not limited to delete the information). Taken together, registered users on CHEMMERCE shall not release the following illegal information

(a) Against the basic principles defined by the constitution;

(b) Endanger state security, leaking state secrets, subversion of state power, undermine national unity;

(c) Damage to the nation’s honor and interests;

(d) Incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;

(e) Destroy the country’s religious policy, promote cults and feudal superstition;

(f) Spread rumors, disturbing social order and undermine social stability;

(g) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or abetting crime;

(h) Insult or slander others, infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

(i) Containing other contents that are prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

(3) Registered users will receive a user name and password after registered in CHEMMERCE.com, at the same time also means that this agreement is effective immediately. Registered users have a duty to ensure the safety of the login user name and password, you can change your password at any timeaccording to the instructions. You agree to: (a) if anyone unauthorized use of your member name or password, or any other condition occurred in violation of the provisions of confidentiality, you will immediately notify CHEMMERCE; (b) make sure that youleave the site in the right step at the end of every access to the Internet time. You agree to use the user name and password to take full responsibility for all activities, derived therefrom to any loss and damage, CHEMMERCE will not undertake any responsibility.

(4) Registered users should be in accordance with the provisions of the service agreement and CHEMMERCE release rules, release product informationon the CHEMMERCE, modify and update the product information and company information, online trading, attend CHEMMERCE related activities, and shall have the right to enjoy CHEMMERCE provides information about the other services.

(5) Registered users shall guarantee that in the process of using CHEMMERCE platform for trading, must abide by the principle of good faith, not to act unfair competitionin the trading process, does not disturb the normal order of online trading, and not engaged in the behavior has nothing to do with online trading. Registered users shall not malicious evaluation other registered userson transaction platform, or take unfair means to improve their credibility or reduce other registered users’ credibility.

4. The rights, responsibilities and obligations for CHEMMERCE

(1) CHEMMERCE only provide product display and information sharing platform for registered users, its itself is not a transaction between both sides of the parties (both the purchaser and the supplier). CHEMMERCE supervision strictlyby the means of evaluate the creditof registered users , and will assess the results to public, and remind user schoose carefully through their cautious based on the buyers or suppliers credit conditions.

(2) In the CHEMMERCE platform, misconduct, illegal acts, or any other CHEMMERCE think shall terminate the service, CHEMMERCE have the right to delete information, frozen account, terminate service at any time,without the permission of the registered users. Such information includes:

(a) Including but not limited toavoid costs for the purpose or for the purpose of credit;

(b) CHEMMERCEhave reason to believe fraud and malicious or false content;

(c) CHEMMERCEhave reason to believe that has nothing to do with online trading or not for the purpose of trading;

(d) CHEMMERCEhave reason to believe that there is malicious bid or other attempts to disrupt the normal trading order factors;

(e) CHEMMERCEhave reason to believe that this information is in violation of public interests or CHEMMERCE and could seriously damage the legitimate interests of the other registered users.

(3) CHEMMERCE shall have the right to do the consulting and assessment for all data and information that registered users have on CHEMMERCE and trading behavior in the CHEMMERCE. If there are any questions or doubt about the information provided or trading behavior, CHEMMERCE have the right to ask registered users and request correction notice or directly delete the information.

(4) CHEMMERCE enjoy corresponding rights to this platform and the software used by platform and information protected by intellectual property rights or any other legal laws. Information and content transit through CHEMMERCE platform have the copyright law, trademark law, patent law, or other legal protection. Without the written permission of CHEMMERCE, registered users shall not useinformation and data in CHEMMERCEplatformfor commercial, including but not limited to use any information in CHEMMERCE platform by reproduction and transmission.

(5) CHEMMERCE will maintain the normal operation of the whole platform based on the existing technology,and promote and improve the technology to make more convenient and safer for the users. But for a short period of time of the network interruptioncaused by data maintenance updates, CHEMMERCE does not undertake any responsibility. When the registered users encounter problems and reflect the situation while having the services provided by CHEMMERCE, CHEMMERCE will reply in a timely manner.

(6) CHEMMERCE have no responsibility to the failure of delete or storage of the publish information by the users. CHEMMERCE has the reserves right to decide whether registered user behavior meet the requirements of the CHEMMERCE service terms and conditions.If the provisions of the registered user has violated the terms of service, CHEMMERCE have the rights to interrupt or stop provide network services.

(7) Registered userstake risks of the use of web services. CHEMMERCE do not make any type of guarantee, whether it is explicit or implicit, CHEMMERCE does not guarantee service will be able to meet the requirements of registered users, also does not guarantee service will not be interrupted, timeliness of service, security and error are also not guaranteed. CHEMMERCE for registered users get any products on CHEMMERCE shopping service or transaction processis not guaranteed.

(8) CHEMMERCE as a network platform, will follow the following principles:

After the complete of a deal, CHEMMERCE is not responsible for transport, storage or submitted, the products will be transferred to the hands of registered users (buyers) directly from the hands of registered users (suppliers) through a third party (vendor) supply chain services;Commodity itself has never been held by CHEMMERCE or within the scope of the CHEMMERCE control;

(9) In the process of CHEMMERCE online trading disputes arising between registered users, they request CHEMMERCE to be mediation and deal with the situation, CHEMMERCE have rights (but not obligation) to mediate and process the dispute. CHEMMERCEShall have the right to sent an E-mail to both sides to know the situation, and will notify each party through the email about the situation. CHEMMERCE does not have enforcement powerin the law to adjust and deal with the result of the dispute , nor affect any legal rights of registered users. CHEMMERCE shall make their own judgment according to the understanding of the dispute, but does not assume any legal liabilityto adjust and processing result, also should not undertake any obligation of compensation for handling disputes.

5. Using of CHEMMERCE platform

When using CHEMMERCE platform, you may not:

(1) The content or items posted on not appropriate categories or website or service in not appropriate place.

(2) In the conditions that unable to enter into a binding contract, persons under the age of 18 or website temporarily or indefinitely frozen, to use our site or services;

(3) Not ship others your products, unless the buyer does not comply with the terms and conditions, or you cannot verify the delivery addressbuyer requested;

(4) Any products price manipulation, or interfere with other registered users of the products shelves;

(5) Attempts to damage the security system on this website in any manner or function;

(6) Posted false, false, misleading and slanderous or slander others content (including personal information);

(7) Take any action would destroy the credit system

(8) Transfer your own CHEMMERCE accounts (including credit rating) to otherswithout our consent;

(9) Distribute or post spam, chain letters or pyramid sales;

(10) Spread the virus, or distribute any possible harm CHEMMERCE or other registered users’ interests or property technology;

(11) Copy, modify, or distribute content and CHEMMERCE copyright and trademark;

(12) Search or collected registered user informationinany way, including email address, without the consent of the other users.

6. Terminated Agreement

(1) You agree that CHEMMERCE shall have the full right to termination provide you with some or all of the CHEMMERCE platform servicesfor any reason without prior notice of suspension, temporary freeze or permanent freezing (cancellation) your account of the permissions on the CHEMMERCE platform, and without taking any responsibility to you or any third party for this.

(2) In any of the following conditions, CHEMMERCE shall have the right to terminate this agreement in the form of cancellation of account directly, and entitled to permanent freezing (cancellation) your account permissions on the CHEMMERCE platform.

(a) After CHEMMERCE terminate the services provided to you, you suspected directly or indirectly registered again in the name of others for CHEMMERCE users;

(b) The email address you provide is not exist or is unable to receive emails, and there is no other way to communicate with you, or CHEMMERCE inform you to change E-mail addressinformation in other contact way,but you did not change to valid email addresswithin 10 working days after the notice by CHEMMERCE .

(c) The main content of the user information you provide is untrue or inaccurate or timeliness or incomplete;

(d) When this agreement (including the rules) changes, you express and notify CHEMMERCE that you do not want to accept the new service agreement;

(e) Other situation CHEMMERCE deems the termination of service.

(3) Your account is terminated or account privileges on the CHEMMERCE platform have been permanently frozen(cancel), CHEMMERCE has no obligation for you to retain or disclose any information in your account for you, also have no obligation for you or any third party forwarding you never read or send message.

(4) You agree that after the termination of service relationswithCHEMMERCE, CHEMMERCE still enjoy the following rights:

(a) Continue to save your user information and all transactions record during the time you use CHEMMERCE platform service;

(b) you have illegal or behavior that in violation of this agreement and/or rules during the time your are using CHEMMERCE platform services, CHEMMERCE can still claim to you according to this agreement.

(5) After CHEMMERCE suspend or terminate the CHEMMERCE platform service, you should deal with the trading behavior in accordance with the following principles, before the suspension or termination of the service. You should handle it independently and fully liable for the following processing of any disputes, loss or increase of any charge, and shall ensure that CHEMMERCEfromany losses cause by this or undertake any cost:

(a) Before suspend or terminate the service, you have posted item in CHEMMERCE platform and has not been trading, CHEMMERCE shall have the right to suspend or terminate the service at the same time remove the relevant information of the item;

(b) Before suspend or terminate the service, you have business deal with other members, but the deal has yet to actual performance, CHEMMERCE has the right to delete the transactions and the relevant information of the trading item;

(c) Before suspend or terminate the service, you have business deal with other members and has been partial performance, CHEMMERCEcan not delete the deal, but CHEMMERCE shall have the right to suspend or terminate the service at the same time will inform your partner the related circumstances of the transaction.

7. Legal applicability

(1) This service agreement signed, validity, interpretation and implementation as well as solution of disputes under this agreement shall be applicable to the laws of the People's Republic of China.

(2) The dispute caused by this agreement shall be amicably settled through negotiation. If consultation fails, any party can suit to the local people's court where the company in.

In this particular statement, does not undertake any legal responsibility for the following matters:

(1) In this particular statement, CHEMMERCE shall not have any direct, indirect, legal guarantee, agreed promise for your use of this web site or with any content, services related to the website.

(2) No matter under any reason, to you or anyone else using the information in this website or the information links in this website,or the information in any other links connect to this websites caused by the loss or damage (including direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage), liability shall be borne by the users themselves.

(3) Pay attention to keep your user name and password, do not misuse and alteration. Anyoneusing your user name on CHEMMERCE platform and actions as a result of any direct, indirect, related consequences, responsibility shall be borne from this user name owner, CHEMMERCE will shall be investigated for corresponding responsibility to run afoul of the law.

8. Disclaimer

Registered users clearly understand the following examples, and clearly agreed to accept any losses (including but not limited toprofits, goodwill, use, data loss or other intangible loss of damages) caused by the defectsservices provided by CHEMMERCE , CHEMMERCE need not take any responsibility (including but not limited to any direct, indirect, incidental, derivative, or punitive damages).

(1) CHEMMERCE does not undertake any responsibilityfor registered users having any offline exchange risk.

(2) CHEMMERCE shall have the right but not obligation, improve or change any part of the original services of any omissions, errors.

(3) Registered users download or obtain any informationviaCHEMMERCE service, the risk burden on their own; user's computer system damage or data loss caused by this, users should take full responsibility;

(4) When user browsing the website should use their own judgment to use CHEMMERCE website links. This link may lead the user to enter the website which is considered offensive or inappropriate, CHEMMERCE under no obligation to check the links listed on the website's content, therefore, not responsible for the validity, legality and legitimacy.

9. Other agreements

(1) The previous agreement are inconsistent with this agreement will be subject to this agreement.

(2) Clause headings in this agreement is just for convenient reference only and does not definein any manner to explain or describe the scope of the provision or limit.